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LungtaTravels’ Funding Project:

Revitalizing Traditional Medicine and Supporting Sustainable Development in Ladakh

Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicine (L.S.T.M.), a local organization supported by LungtaTravels, is dedicated to revitalizing the ancient healing system of Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan medicine) in remote villages of Ladakh. With a history of over 2,500 years, this time-tested science of natural healing has been the cornerstone of health care in Tibet and the Himalayan kingdoms.

Preserving the rich heritage of Sowa Rigpa, LungtaTravels directs a significant portion of its profits towards activities that strengthen this traditional medical practice.

Additionally, efforts are made to conserve and protect Ladakh’s invaluable high-altitude medicinal plants, which play a vital role in the effectiveness of Sowa Rigpa.

Furthermore, LungtaTravels goes beyond traditional tourism by supporting Ladakhi foundations and grassroots non-profit organizations. By empowering these initiatives, the company strives to promote sustainability, environmental preservation, and the protection of Ladakh’s unique cultural heritage.

Join us on a journey of a lifetime and make a positive impact on Ladakh’s sustainable future. Book your adventure with Lungta Travels today!