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A Journey of a Lifetime

Ladakh had been on our wish list for a long time. Finally in 2017, we were ready to turn plans into reality. We had the good fortune that a friend put us into contact with Tsewang Gonbo at Lungta Travel. From the start, we liked Gonbo’s philosophy of conservation and exploration of his beautiful native country. The journey began when we started exchanging e-mails about possible routes and the details of trekking and mountaineering options for our visit. Once we arrived in Leh, we met with Gonbo and made the final arrangements for a trekking tour in the Changthang region and for climbing Stok Kangri. Gonbo listened patiently to our ideas and made the necessary proposals on how to carry out our trip. And then, he and his team did an amazing job turning all of it into a fantastic experience exploring this beautiful country. Lungta Travels is working with an extremely professional and friendly group of guides, horsemen and cooks. Everything was perfectly organized and executed in a way that made us feel extremely comfortable. And the Ladakh landscape surpassed all our expectations – from solitary monasteries on steep hill sides to the lakes and wide open country of the Changthang, we were able to see this spectacular Himalayan country with its mountains and it’s friendly and relaxed people. This is a Buddhist world set into remote desert mountains that sometimes made us feel like travelling on a different planet. The Lungta team did everything to make this a perfect experience for us. From the wonderful food prepared in the camp kitchen to our summit day on Stok Kangri with Dorje, a climbing Sherpa from Nepal, as our guide, this has been a journey of a lifetime. Working with Gonbo and Lungta Travels has been a wonderful experience and we left Ladakh as friends. There is but one conclusion: we will certainly come back!

Andrea, Christina and Peter Storck

E-mail: peter.storck@icloud.com
Address: Descartesstr. 20, 84489 Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany.


Lungta Travels excelled themselves in organisation, planning, budgeting and hospitality and in their sheer enthusiast during our visit. The travel and hotel arrangements were seamless, the expedition team worked wonderfully and took great care of us, the food was amazing and we even had some camp cooking lessons! The group consisted of members in their 20's right up to the age of 50+ and yet the guide we had managed to cater for everyone's needs, keeping the young enthused whilst having a watchful eye on the older folk!! A brilliant trip which I would recommend to anyone... MAGIC...

Jane Barraclough (UK)

E-mail: janebarraclough21@gmail.com


Gonbos machten unseren Aufenthalt zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis.

Lungta Travels hat uns mit grosser Kompetenz, Freundlichkeit und Zuverlässigkeit umfassend betreut, als wir im Nubra Valley und in Leh unterwegs waren. Auch Sonderwünsche wie ein Treffen mit traditionellen Heilern oder mit Garten-Spezialisten wurden mit  elbstverständlichkeit erfüllt.

Gonbos Wissen über Kultur, Natur, traditionelle Medizin und vieles mehr und sein weit verzweigtes Beziehungsnetz machten unseren Aufenthalt zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis.

Susi Gubler

E-mail: susi.gubler@sunrise.ch , http://www.skigubler.ch
Address: Unterdorfstrasse 3, 8507 Hörhausen, Switzerland


We will return...

From someone who has travelled extensively, both for business and pleasure, our trip to Ladakh ranks among the most memorable. To be honest, the two trips – Ladakh and Kashmir were a perfect match, a yin and yang. What made this trip different from most pleasure trips is the extraordinary time and effort that Tsewang Gonbo of Lungta Travel spent listening to what we hoped to experience, developing the itinerary that best met these aspirations, and matching us up with superb guides who went more than the extra mile to enable us to truly connect with the people, culture, and spirit of this extraordinary and unique region.    Thanks Gonbo.  Your trip planning and implementation was superb.  Not only did we feel safe and well taken care of, but also loved.  We will return.

Dr. Rachel Golden, Evanston, IL, Chicago, IL, Palo Alto, CA, San Francisco, CA
E-mail: rachelgolden@comcast.net


Una esperienza unica di viaggio in una terra “estrema”

Il nostro incontro con il Ladak e’ stato felice sin dall’inizio, due anni prima, e dal primo momento e’ stato forte il desiderio di conoscere gli aspetti piu’ incontaminati della cultura e della geografia di un luogo antico dove le tradizioni sono forse piu’ che in altri posti nel mondo cosi’ compenetrati nella forma del paesaggio.

Il trekking alla ricerca dei luoghi di raccolta delle piante medicinali fondamentali nella medicina tradizionale Ladaka nasce da un nostro percorso di ricerca e di studio, ed’e’ stato il fortunato incontro con la LSTM e con Gonbo che ha reso possibile questo nostro desiderio.

In una fase cosi’ delicata di transizione dall’antico isolamento culturale e geografico del Ladak verso l’apertura al turismo, nascono indubbiamente nuove economiche, ma questo processo porta inevitabilmente con se anche le contaminazioni culturali e il conseguente rischio di perdere i tratti fondamentali della cultura Ladaka, a favore di una globalizzazione in senso occidentale.

Abbiamo trovato in Gombo una grande attenzione e un profondo realismo rispetto a questa tematica,e nella Lungta Travel la effettiva messa in pratica di una proposta di turismo diverso da quello dettato dalle sole logiche di profitto e di sfruttamento, ovvero la via pratica all’equilibrio tra rispetto del territorio e delle tradizioni locali in cambio di un equo scambio culturale ed economico.

Abbiamo apprezzato nell’organizzazione del trekking la grande cura e attenzione alle necessita’ di ciascun partecipante, in un reale clima di grande amicizia e disponibilita’.

Cio’ ha reso semplice anche affrontare le relative difficolta’ di un percorso del tutto nuovo e originale rispetto ai consueti circuiti proposti da altri operatori, permettendoci una esperienza unica.

La bellezza e l’energia dei luoghi preservati dalle tracce del passaggio dell’uomo, il silenzio di fronte allo spazio infinito, gli incontri, le scoperte di nuovi paesaggi, la profonda fusione con la natura nel totale contatto con la terra il cielo e l’acqua, la visione dei ghiacciai fonte di vita per piante animali e uomini, i rapidissimi e continui cambiamenti climatici, sono emozioni difficili da comunicare con le parole,ma in una settimana di viaggio hanno lasciato una traccia indelebile nella nostra vita.

Quindi un grazie di cuore alla Lungta Travel che ha reso possibile questa esperienza, e un invito a viverla espresso a tutti coloro che desiderano conoscere davvero questa terra con amore e profondo rispetto.

Kami & Akhila Delli Colli, Italy, akhila76@gmail.com


We all had been dreaming about trekking in Himalayas since ages.   When we found the program proposed by Nomad Rsi association, based in Toulouse ( France) we realized that our dream could come true. My wife Nat, François, a good friend, (leaving in Seychelles and in Indian Ocean since many years) and I decided to contact the local agency Lungta trek at Leh (Ladakh) to organize the trek.

So our first contact with the country was through the many mails we exchanged with Gonbo and Dorje, responsible of the agency. We finally managed to schedule a 3 weeks trek in August 2007. Many tour operators propose treks in Ladakh but the main reason we choose Lungta was because they also support the traditional medicine: the Am chi Medicine. During our first days at Leh, Lungta introduced us to Buddhism culture and we visited the monastery and saw the main Stupa of Leh. We also learned about the principles of the traditional medicine with the visit of a clinic, a consultation with an Amchi doctor and an explanation of Nomad RSI program. We spend these acclimatization days in a comfortable guesthouse owns by very friendly persons.

After these 3 days of rest, the trek started. The team was composed of 5 persons: 2 horsemen in charge of the 6 horses which carried all the luggage and items, 2 cooks in charge of fill up our empty bellies after 4 to 6 hours of walk and Rinchen our very friendly and dynamic guide. So the trek started just after the visit of Hemis monastery the biggest monastery. The first passes were a little bit difficult because of the altitude. It was just a pleasure for the others that we crossed during the 2 following weeks. We enjoyed the amazing, wonderful and astonishing sceneries.   We also delighted meetings with open mind and friendly Ladakhi people we met along.

We have to thank and congratulate a lot the team for the moments we shared, their good mood, for the capacity they had to look after all the details to make our trip a pleasant time and to manage to propose us comfortable camps and good dinners (we thought before coming that we would loose lot of weight but thanks to the cookers the loss was limited). After the trek, we returned to Leh, completed our shopping and the last evening shared with the team of Lungta a last and convivial dinner. So we came back at home with thousands of goods memories, new friends and few months after we already thought to our next trip there.

Francoise, Nat & Jef (all French)
francois.poisson(around)iotc.org, jf.fanton(around)labaronne-citaf.fr


Along my 3 months long trip in the Indian Himalayas in 2007 I ve been working for some weeks with all the three of the LungtaTravel-brothers on different small projects in Leh, and I think we became friends. I even joined one trekking through Zanskar that was organized by them. They (and the people I have met through them) are the most genuine and warmhearted, welcoming people I have met in Ladakh. And their cook, Ms. Spaltzing from Tungri-Tahan is the best cook in Ladakh! Nobody makes better momos the she! I can only recommend them and the whole Lungta-entourage to anybody who wants not only well-organized treks/tours but also genuine and auspicious encounterings with their world.

Zsolt Suto from Transylvania/Romania