Lungta Family

Lungta has a team of friendly and dedicated staff with a smart professional attitude and assuring local hospitality. Led by Tsewang Gonbo, the founder Director, it is run by five members in its offices at Leh who share diverse responsibilities and skills. Apart from the designated members we also have a pool of expert cooks from Nepal and Ladakh who are specialise in Ladakhi, Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian cuisines. We have the best list of guides with specialized knowledge on a par with international standards in the subjects of monasteries, cultures, adventure holidays etc.

Tsewang Gonbo

From Domkhar, he has extensive experience and knowledge in “sustainable development”, “eco-tourism”, “and environmental science” and is determined to promote eco-tourism in Ladakh. He has considerable involvement and input in the revitalisation of the Ladakhi culture and traditions besides directing Lungta. He is a front-runner activist in the promotion and preservation of the local traditional medicine system (Tibetan medicine) and the conservation of the wealth of medicinal plants in Ladakh.


Gonbo’s Family

  1. Tsewang Gonbo
  2. Sonam Yangchan
  3. Thupstan Nordon
  4. Yountan Angmo
  5. Sonam Angmo

Dorje Angchok MA

He studied history at Chandigarh University and responsible for managing the field team to ensure the quality of food and courteous service including factual information by updating the capabilities of the crewmembers.

Dorje Tsering

Dorje Tsering is a monk affiliated to Hemis Monastery, the biggest monastery in Ladakh. He is responsible for recruitment and deployment of the best cultural and monastic guides for cultural groups. He is also responsible for providing clients with information on Buddhism from an academic perspective and providing first hand information on local cultural issues by organising the interaction of the clients with local historians and academics.

Lobzang Stanba

He is responsible for transportation and co-ordination. His job is to ensure exact interlinking of the means of transport including buses or taxis and ponies or horses. He is a graduate in computer hardware and responsible for maintaining all necessary data.

Rigzin Falgon

He is the general manager bestowed with natural qualities of friendliness and humour:  You will always find him in the office coordinating several activities. He is the one who receives our clients at the airport and organises the accommodation and suitable restaurants in Leh.