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Although societies change continuously, our goal is to insure that change in Ladakh takes a positive direction. Proceeds from LungtaTravel assist Ladakhi foundations and non-profit organizations working at the grassroots level to promote sustainability and environmental and cultural preservation.
A key project funded through LungtaTravel is the Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicine (L.S.T.M.), a local organization dedicated to the revitalization of  traditional medicine (Sowa Rigpa) in remote villages in Ladakh. This system of medicine, also known as Tibetan medicine or Amchi Medicine, has been the health care system of Tibet and the Himalayan kingdoms for more than 2,500 years. A large portion of Lungtatravel’ profit goes to L.S.T.M. to strengthen the practice of this ancient and time-tested science of natural healing, as well as the conservation and protection of Ladakh’s potent high-altitude medicinal plants.

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