Unexplored Himalayas
Caravan Yak Trek

Duration: 13 days, 6 days trekking
Accomodations: Camping on trek
Grade: Moderate to Strenuous

The Ladakhi tourist season is short but unique compared to other destinations in Asia. Tsewang Gonbo, Lungta’s director and founder, spends most of the off-season discovering new, unexplored trek routes. Accordingly, Lungta now organizes caravan yak treks for adventurous spirits. The Indian government has opened a specific area for these treks for foreign tourists only very recently, so few people have explored this magnificent region of Ladakh.

Lungta’s caravan yak trek gives customers an amazing cultural experience on the Silk Route. For example, you will visit the Nubra valley with its many attractions, such as visits to impressive Buddhist monasteries, explorations of its breathtaking landscape, and camel riding. Few people know that beyond the Nubra valley, you find the Largyab valley (literally meaining “to cross pass”). After driving for little more than an hour from Skuru, you reach a small village on a slope called “Patsa-thang,” where the road ends. Until very recently, the villages here relied exclusively on livestock—they still have plenty of animals like horses, dzo, cow, and yaks. However, due to climate change, they are now also growing barley.

It is difficult to put in words how beautiful the landscape of this area is, as it has so many peaks that are gracefully covered with snow, even in the heart of summer. Due to the abundance of glaciers, many of the areas we traverse are covered with flowers. In addition, we regularly see wild animals, such as blue sheep, foxes, and wolves on this trek. The elevation varies from 3100 m at Skuru/Patsathang to 5400 m at the Largyab/Tia pass. Nevertheless, this trek is strenuous and does demand travelers to be in good shape.

D-1: Arrival in Leh
D-2: Acclimatization
D-3: Drive from Leh to Sumoor (4 hrs)
D-4: Drive from Sumoor to Panamik (3 hrs)
D-5: Drive from Panamik to Skuru (3100 m) (3 hrs)
D-6: Trek from Patsathang to Largyab Gongma (4100 m) (4-5 hrs)
D-7: Trek from Largyab Gongma to Ldebsa Barma (4540 mt) (3-4 hrs)
D-8: Trek from Ldebsa Barma to Spangpochhe (4800 m) (5 hrs)
D-9: Trek from Spangpochhe to Chhu Tangmo via Largyab pass (5350 m) (7-8 hrs)
D-10: Trek from Chhu Tangmo to Khatsa Gonpa (4500 m) (5-6 hrs)
D-11:  Trek from Khatsa Gonpa to Skindiyang then drive to Lamayuru (4 hrs)
D-12: Drive from Lamayuru to Leh (5 hrs)
D-13: Flight to Delhi

The detailed itinerary and price is available on demand with the possibility of creating a customized itinerary.